What are Wild Sheep?

Wild Sheep are sheep who have become aware that there is more to life than the field they live in, winning rosettes at the show and becoming the perfect sheep to end in a perfect shepherd’s pie.

Wild Sheep are people who have begun to ask the awkward questions about life, about what they have accepted for so long and taken as truth.

Wild Sheep are people who wake up one day and see clearly; or slowly wake up over a period of years. Some are born awake and seeing clearly. You usually find wild sheep like this in high and remote places: but there are some who live in our midst and are often the people who have bugged the hell out of us because they won’t just do things the way we think things should be done.

If you watch the ads on TV and ask, “Why do they want me to buy this X?”…

If you question everything in the newspapers and on the TV news…

If you stop in the middle of the working day and ask yourself, “There’s gotta be a better way to do this,”……

If you step out in faith and do something a different way…..

If you stop assuming that They know what they’re doing….

…then you’re probably a wild sheep.

But wild or not, sheep are vulnerable and need a flock for defense. We’re just little woolly bleaters, aren’t we?

Wrong. Did you know that the animal that kills the most humans in Africa is not the lion but the buffalo? Even lions fear buffalo. Predators work with the fear instinct. Divide and feast: if you get the herd/flock in a panicked stampede, you can pick off the weakest member of the community, usually the very young or the very old or sick, and bring them down. The herd won’t stop you. They’re too busy running for their own lives to care about anyone else till later…

That’s why sheep are herd animals: we need each other. Wild sheep stand and fight. They put their weakest members in the middle and stand facing out, horns at the ready. If you’ve ever been kicked by a real, live sheep(I have) it hurts. It can break bones. Just because we don’t have tearing teeth and claws doesn’t mean we can’t defend ourselves.

If you have a wild sheep story, share it here. Together we can be stronger than the predators….


4 thoughts on “What are Wild Sheep?

  1. The signature on my e-mails has been for a very long time this:

    “In a world full of sheep, I am the purple alligator.”

    Not sure if I see myself as any kind of sheep, wild or otherwise, but I like the allegory.

  2. LOL, partially because I saw a picture of a purple, inflatable alligator once, and immediately fell in love with it. Its grin was so happy!

    Partially because alligators don’t live in the same place as sheep, so they stick out in the herd, and being purple means it’s going to stand out, even in a crowd of its own. They’re also very protective of their nests, hissing and stomping if anyone gets too close, and will resort to worse measures if they aren’t heeded by intruders who threaten their young. And, I eat meat, so I can’t really call myself even a wild sheep.

    I may dress normal, but on the inside, I’m purple and alligatorish.

    • Ok.
      I eat meat too. Still am a sheep, thought a wild one. It’s more an analogy of simply remembering that even though I may be a bit more alert and aware, those who are not are still my kin, however annoying I find them, and that I need to work at helping them and not being snooty and looking down on them. You know the phrase, There but for the grace of God(s) go I? That’s about it really.
      I like purple too.

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