We are a small but growing band of sheep who has sneaked out the gap in the hedge to start a new and radical life beyond the safe fields of domestic sheep.

If you have ever questioned what you are doing with your life

If you have ever wondered why you are doing what you’re doing

If you’re not content to eat the supper dished up for you

If you’ve ever wondered what’s beyond the safe confines of your current world

Maybe you’re a wild sheep too……

Join us.

If you dare.

There’s wolves out here and hunters and God knows what else.

But wild sheep are brave or they’d never have squeezed through the gap in the hedge…..

8 thoughts on “About

    • If you feel you are, then you are.
      This is a work in progress, really Robert, based on thoughts and discussions with various people.
      Basically anyone who has woken up and thought, Why am I doing it THEIR way? is a potential wild sheep. People who look at the education system and thought, we can do better than this, and home educate, people who take a long hard look at the current publishing world and think, no, there’s a better way are wild sheep. Lots of ways to be a wild sheep; politics, education, work, art whatever take you beyond blind acceptance of the status quo…
      If a gap exists, use it.

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